Wednesday, April 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Flash Mob

Keith and I are playing in a community band called "The West Michigan New Horizons Music Ensembles Concert Band."  It's a bit of a mouthful.  Between us we just call it "the band."  The purpose of the band is to provide a musical opportunity for older adults who have not played their instruments since high school or would like to learn to play for the first time.  There are New Horizons bands all over the country.  Members in our band range from retired band teachers to people who've only been playing for a couple of years.  There is a beginning band and an intermediate band as well as beginning strings and a swing band.  When Keith and I joined it significantly reduced the average age of the band.  But we are not the only not-yet-retired folks.

So to the flash mob.  Did you know that you can do a flash mob at a mall without telling the mall that you are coming and they won't arrest you?  You can tell by the looks on the security guards faces that they were not expecting us.  Keith wasn't able to be there.  (He had a Wood Badge thing that day.)  And you can almost see me once or twice, but I am there.  I'm playing trombone on this one.  I am behind the kiosk in the middle of the lower court, right behind the security guards.